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Former President Bush as a Baby

posted Nov 03, 2011  |  by Eleanor  |  2 Comments

A great way of presenting a new concept to your audience is to use a metaphor.

This charming campaign in the Frankfurt International Airport is advertising a newspaper that has changed format and become smaller. Instead of selling the features of the product—like how a smaller paper is easier to hold and read—baby versions of prominent world leaders grab our attention and get the point across quickly.

If you have an idea on the go, what metaphor might you use to explain it?

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taking a shot at campaigns

posted Oct 20, 2011  |  by Margriet  |  2 Comments

Aasman just launched the flu shot campaign “I’m taking a shot.” It features three Yukoners talking about getting the flu vaccine so they can protect the people they are in contact with. The three scenarios—nurse, child care worker and barista— play out in print, digital and Facebook ads, posters, transit ads and theatre slides. I suppose this constitutes a "campaign," but after reading Doug Brown’s blog post “Are you paying for a campaign and getting an ad?”  it looks like one could argue that it isn't.
I'd like to suggest our campaign is actually more than the final deliverables—it's the real person in the ad and how they are affected by the experience of contact with those around them. It's the photo shoot, the reactions they get from their boss, coworkers, family, friends, clientele, patients. . . It's the small ripple that starts conversations and builds momentum.
I went by Java Connection yesterday to drop off a poster from the "I’m taking a shot” campaign. (One of the JC's baristas, Candace, is featured in the ads.) About five young women came running from behind the counter, the manager Cindy joined us, everyone was excited to see it. The café was full of customers, it seemed like a party. Posted on the beam right next to the cash register, was a cut-out copy of the ad. Lots of positive talk bubbled out about getting the flu shot using the campaign language and Candace has it up on her Facebook profile. 
So, did I make a case that we actually have a campaign here? Perhaps I should wait and see what happens with our child care worker and nurse. . . wish I had the budget to feature 10, 15, 20 more Yukoners.      

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Dare to Drink Where Your Daddy Did

posted Jul 20, 2011  |  by Eleanor  |  0 Comments

"Dare to Drink Where Your Daddy Did" isn't short and snappy, but the alliteration and implications far make up for that.

Judging by the rocking good time had by all at the Pit Pub under the Westminster Hotel on Saturday at the Dawson City Music Festival (DCMF), I reckon the cycle of future daddies may continue. It's a hilarious and fitting angle in a town where it's illegal to make buildings look modern and "bush men" come in from mining camps to drink on the weekend.

The above hotel has it's own inspiring proposition to suit. The Westminster Hotel claims to be "the romance capital of the Yukon" and states it loudly on a banner in Rosewood type as you enter the festival gates.

Love it.

Have you ever stayed there? I haven't, I'm too scared. I love the new marketing though.

As a side note, how did the Westminster Hotel manage to be Lead Sponsor the festival? Impressive for a dodgy little gem.

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